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The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is a government regulatory agency responsible for controlling the manufacture, production, exportation, importation, distribution, advertisement, sale and use of certain products in Nigeria. Nigerian businesses that deal in food, cosmetics and drugs are required to register their products with the agency through the NAFDAC Automated Product Administration and Monitoring System (NAPAMS).

What you need

  • Company registration documents (the business must be duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission)
  • Product label (ensure labelling/packaging is according to relevant regulation)
  • Trademark (optional for micro-scale enterprises)
  • Fumigation certificate
  • Food handlers’ certificates/medical fitness certificates for production staff, should include the following: stool test, urinary test, sputum test, widal test, and hepatitis ‘B’ test.
  • Product batch formulation.
  • Site use agreement (where applicable)
  • One vetting sample and three labels 
  • Copy of receipt of payment for production registration 
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for production, distribution/recall, quality assurance, cleaning of equipment, receiving of packaging materials, personal hygiene, water analysis (where applicable) and cleaning of the environment (for small-scale enterprises)
  • List of raw materials and their source(s)
  • Certificate of analysis of raw materials (optional for micro-scale)
  • Certificate of analysis of finished products (optional for micro-scale)
  • A signed and endorsed certificate of pharmaceutical product (for drug products)
  • Original copy of the power of attorney from the product manufacturer (if imported).
  • Letter of invitation from manufacturer to inspect factory abroad, full names and site of the plant (where applicable)
  • Permit to import samples (for imported products)
  • Certificate of free sale (for imported products)

How to apply

  • Visit the NAPAMS portal and click on ‘register’ to create your account.
  • Log in to the portal to complete the application.
  • Submit your application form together with all supporting documents.
  • Make appropriate payment for processing the application.
  • The application is then processed – which includes document verification, facility inspection, product sampling and labelling, laboratory analysis, vetting and approval.
  • NAFDAC registration number and certificate of registration are issued upon approval.


The varying cost of official product registration fees is found in the links section of this post. All fees are payable online.



If you witness any form of corruption or poor service delivery, contact the NAFDAC Servicom Unit via 09097630506, 09097630507 or

You can also contact us to provide you with guidance and engage relevant authorities to help resolve the issue(s).

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