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Registration of a business is end-to-end (online) on the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)’s Company Registration Portal (CRP). Individuals/Proprietors can register business names without the services of a Legal Practitioner, Chartered Accountant or Chartered Secretary. An electronic Certificate of Registration and Certified Extract of registration information will be issued upon completion of the registration.

What you need

  • Proposed name of the company – two suggestive names should be provided.
  • Details of the company – including physical address, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Details of director(s) and shareholder(s) – including names, means of identification, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and signatures on plain sheets, incorporation certificate of a company appointed as a shareholder (only applicable if another company will be appointed as a shareholder), and signatures of the directors and shareholders of the appointed company.
  • Details of the secretary (optional for local and small businesses) – name, address, RC number of the secretary in the case of a company appointed as secretary, means of identification, email addresses, phone numbers, and signatures on plain sheet.
  • Information on the authorized share capital of the company.
  • Shareholding formula or percentage of each shareholder, in a case where the company has more than one shareholder.
  • Objectives of the company.

How to apply

  • Visit the CAC company registration portal to create your account and search for the availablity of the business name.
  • Submit two preferred names of the company on the portal for name reservation and pay the official fee. Upon approval, a notice will be sent to the applicant’s email by the CAC containing the approved name and an availability code for the registration.
  • Log in to the portal, select the approved name and fill all sections on the company registration form – including company details, objects of the company, authorized share capital, witness details, directors details, secretary details, shareholders details, persons with significant control of the authorized share capital details, and upload all necessary documents.
  • Proceed to pay the CAC official registration fee and stamp duty fee.
  • Upon payment of the prescribed fees, the application is then submitted and will remain pending until it is approved or queried by the CAC.
  • Upon approval of registration, the CAC issues electronic copies of the certificate of incorporation, status report, memorandum and articles of association.


The varying cost of official company registration and penalty fees are found in the document section of this post. All fees are payable online.




If you witness any form of corruption or poor service delivery, contact the CAC Support Services via 08182298971, 08182299016, 09087401600, 09087401599,, or

You can also contact us to provide you with guidance and engage relevant authorities to help resolve the issue(s).

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