Apply for waste and toxic substances permit


The waste and toxic substances permit is required for issues relating to waste generation, restricted chemicals, sludge disposal and effluent discharge.

What You Need

  • Receipts of payment for the processing fees
  • Payment receipt (official revenue receipt) from NESREA office nearest to the company’s facility or area of operation for the processing fee(s)
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Tax clearance for the last 3 years
  • Evidence of environmental impact statement (EIS) – where applicable
  • Environmental management plan (EMP)
  • Environmental audit report (EAR)
  • Monthly monitoring report for the last 3 months
  • A schematic diagram of the facility

How to apply

  • Visit the Nesrea environmental permit, audit and management portal at
  • Select the enrolment menu to enrol your company by providing your TIN and other details to get started
  • After enrolment, you will receive a unique Nesrea ID
  • Use the unique Nesrea ID and your chosen password to log on to the NesPAM platform
  • After login into the platform, update your profile and upload company documents
  • Choose the waste and toxic substances permit from the permit categories
  • Fill out the selected permit application form and submit

Note that completed application forms will be acknowledged by the processing agency within 7 working days of receipt, and the agency may upon assessment of the application request the applicant to furnish additional information within a specified period.


The processing fee for waste and toxic substances permit is N20,000.00 only, payable via The applicant will be notified after the application is approved, including the assessed annual permit fee to be paid within a specified period. On payment of the permit fee, the applicant will be issued the appropriate permit and the conditions therein.



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